MultiTech provides medical imaging and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) workflow solutions, including scheduling, worklists, viewing, short and long term archiving, routing, printing, CD/DVD archival, network connectivity and post acquisition image processing using the IHE conformant DICOM and HL7 standards.


Our products and solutions are currently installed at thousands of sites worldwide, networked with all major modalities and vendors in almost all of the countries where digital medical imaging is prevalent. The United States Military hospitals and field-based operations have been using our products in active areas of conflict around the globe, including the current deployments in the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres.


We are at the core of the largest medical image archiving system in North America comprising nearly 14 billion images from nearly 188 million studies that are generated by over 800 contracted sites. The Tier-3 mirrored archive receives data round-the-clock, at a rate exceeding 1 billion images annually and 16 terabytes of compressed medical data weekly. Our scalable medical imaging and EMR storage solutions are serving small medical offices, that use hundreds of gigabytes, to the enterprises requiring petabytes of HIPAA compliant secure storage.


For five years in a row, MultiTech msiCOM3 Toolkit has powered the Central Storage Node (CSN) at the IHE North America Connect-a-thon interoperability testing. In the week-long events, the CSN and the core Toolkit has withstood the 'torture testing' by hundreds of systems belonging to majority of the leading Healthcare companies worldwide, making it one of the best connected Toolkits in the world.


MultiTech also offers tools and solutions for imaging modalities like CT, MR, Computed Radiography, Cardiology, Ultrasound, Angiography, Nuclear Medicine, Digital X-ray, Mammography, Visible Light (Ophthalmology, Dental, Endoscopy, Pathology and Dermatology), Veterinary, Life Sciences etc.


We have delivered IHE compliant solutions in DICOM, HL7, PACS, HIS/RIS and PACS-IS interconnectivity since 1993. We also provide consulting, custom software development and training for the Healthcare information systems.


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