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MultiTech offers a spectrum of Enterprise wide medical images and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data management solutions. The suite of services is designed to empower the physicians and medical professionals to acquire, store, transmit, archive, reconcile and visualize multimodality digital medical information. We incorporate these services into the OEM vendor products as customized modules or install the same at the end user sites.

An abbreviated synopsis of features is listed below.

Hospital Information Systems

  • Patient registration and order entry,

  • Access to case history and prior studies,

  • Reconciliation of patient data,

  • HL7 messaging to enterprise wide devices.

Radiology Information Systems

  • Broker-less bi-directional mapping of HL7 and DICOM messages,

  • Generation and aging of Modality Worklists,

  • Management of Scheduled, Performed and Abandoned Procedure Steps,

  • Routing Procedure Steps to designated PACS,

  • Load balancing and optimum utilization of modalities, such as CT or MR suites,

  • Patient scheduling,

  • Mammography follow ups,

  • Complicated Radiotherapy scheduling and tracking at Linacs via DICOM,

  • Reconciliation of actual treatment with the electronic prescription,

  • Charge capturefrom the modalities.


  • Retrieve Modality Worklists from RIS servers,

  • Perform Query/Retrieve to download historical data,

  • Notify Start and End of Procedure Step to RIS and PACS,

  • Send acquired images and generated reports to PACS,

  • Perform Storage Commitment,

  • Print grayscale or color images on a DICOM or standard printer,

  • Archive patient data to PDI compliant CD/DVD with a viewer.


  • Modular and scalable storage that is customizable to a facility of any size,

  • Receive medical images and reports,

  • Service Query/Retrieve requests,

  • Accept Scheduled, Performed and Abandoned Procedure Steps notifications,

  • Take custody of the data and service Storage Commitment requests,

  • Perform short term, near term and long term storage,

  • Integrated non diagnostic viewer,

  • Archive patient data to PDI compliant CD/DVD with an embedded viewer,

  • Implemented on standard off-the-shelf storage hardware for value,

  • Robust implementations, capable of handling even the most demanding workload..

Viewing Stations

  • Feature rich non diagnostic viewer for secondary review, reporting and telemedicine,

  • Full DICOM connectivity,

  • Providing Send/Receive, Query/Retrieve and Print services for images and data,

  • Unlimited cine loop playbacks, depending upon system resources,

  • Quick review and navigation at Patient, Study, Series or Image levels,

  • Simultaneous viewing of studies or multi-modality images for comparison,

  • Key Image/Object selection, marking and notification,

  • Support for creating DICOM compliant Structured Reports,

  • Multi-monitor image review mode,

  • One button toggle to view/hide annotations and overlays,

  • Image manipulations like zoom, pan, window/leveling, feature extraction, etc.,

  • Multiple magnifiers, annotations and measurement tools,

  • Highly customizable user interface,

  • Secure password protected login,

  • Numerous context sensitive Toolbars,

  • Export to DICOM CD/DVD.


Print Servers

  • Support for all standard Film Box and Image Box configurations,

  • Optimized Replicate, Bilinear or Cubic interpolations,

  • Capability of handling all commonly used bit depths - 8, 10, 12, 16 and 24 bits,

  • Grayscale or color printing,

  • Multiple sorted or collated copies,

  • Fault tolerance for handling corrupted or abandoned data,

  • Front end Print Manager/Spooler for clustering multiple printers,

  • Robust implementation, capable of receiving, processing and printing data from multiple sources simultaneously.

CD/DVD Archival

  • IHE PDI (Portable Data for Imaging) compliant DICOM Part 10 data format,

  • Self-contained CD/DVD including an embedded royalty free viewer,

  • Query multiple PACS to assimilate complete patient study,

  • Quick multiple copies and duplication,

  • Cost-effective solution for distributing modality images, Key Image Notes and Structured Reports,

  • Scalable from a standard PC CD/DVD writer for low volumes to networked robotic devices for departmental needs,

  • Viewer with intuitive user interface for navigation and viewing, requiring minimal use of the included Help,

  • Automatic or preprinted CD/DVD labels.

Other PACS / Remote Storage

  • Send/receive data from other PACS in the Hospital,

  • Perform enterprise wide data reconciliation,

  • Acquire Storage Commitment from other PACS or delegate it them,

  • Send data to onsite or offsite remote storage with Storage Commitment,

  • Query and Retrieve data from remote storage.

All our solutions use the industry standard protocols for assured connectivity. The components are routinely validated at IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) joint initiative of RSNA, HIMSS and ACC.

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